Unconventionality… Rock It!

Hey everyone! Back from a 2 week hiatus and ready to roll! Getting more and more accomplished in my home studio here in Houston and soon will be dropping videos into my arsenal of goodies for you. I’ve got a lot of things planned but life is a roller coaster and my hands are in the air. I always say “Have a plan, but be willing to roll with the punches and make changes when necessary”.

As I have been rolling with the lastest changes in my life I have been reassessing my motives for writing music. I’m trying to get back to writing for the way it makes me feel, instead of how my songs might make someone else feel. Yes, I hope that my music will have an impact on somebody, but as I have tried to write songs directly for that purpose I have found myself in a slump. I haven’t written as much lately. While trying to get back to my roots, I’ve been forced to do things a bit of the unconventional way in my studio and it begs the question: “How far are you willing to go to finish a project?”. I’ve put several things on hold over the last 6 months in the hopes of upgrading my interface and really my whole setup here. No doubt I am limited in what I can do at the moment, but I guess I would rather finish some of these songs and projects than sit around and think about how they will sound eventually. In the long run I am satisfied by the final products and my clients have been satisfied thus far as well. I guess that is the ultimate test. When life gets out of the way and I AM able to upgrade, things will only be THAT much better.

I’d like to hear from you. What kind of “unconventional” methods have you been forced to use to finish a project? What kind of unusual methods? What’s the weirdest studio experience you’ve encountered? Drop a line in the comments. Cheers!