A Piano/Vocal Session With My Little Brother

I had a great evening recording my little brother and working in the studio with him. This is a song he wrote. Go show him some support on his Youtube channel (MarcHebertMusic).

A little about the recording: we used an Audio Technica AT4033 for his vocals, going straight into the RME Fireface UFX onboard preamp. The piano is all midi right into Pro Tools. The software piano is just the stock Pro Tools
virtual piano, and I think it sounds great!

Marc is a very dynamic singer and he did a great job working the mic. It can be difficult sometimes tracking dynamic vocalists, especially if you aren’t using an outboard compressor, if they don’t know how to use some technique on the mic. So that’s a key point to remember if you’re having issues with that in a home studio setting.

Thanks for checking out the video and supporting my little brother. Stay tuned for more like this to come!