Music Production/Custom Instrument Tracks

Many artists are solo and therefore do not have an accompanying band to record with. For these situations I offer my experience/skills in producing and recording separate instrumentation.

As a long time musician myself, I am constantly improving on the skills I have acquired, and I offer custom tracks for many genres of music. Guitars, bass, drums, piano and synths are all areas I excel in.

I’m a guitarist of 17 years, drummer of more than 11 years and have experience playing bass, keys and synths in studio settings for quite a while. I can accommodate most genres but excel in rock, blues, country, alternative, modern Christian and more. I believe in giving a song what it needs, as opposed to throwing as many needless tracks in as possible. I play a tight pocket groove and keep my drumming simple, elegant and appropriate for the song.┬áThe same concept goes for any other track in the song.

I am always willing to work on different projects with just about anyone, anywhere via the web and file sharing. With technology today you no longer even need to record in the same country as other musicians working on the same project. My rates are competitive and fair. I welcome any offers to work on collaborative projects!

Some of my work in this arena can be heard on the latest work of Jen Monroe and Doug Butler. You can hear my work on these projects at the link below: