Home Studio Recording Session – A Closer Look

I decided a while back that I wanted to shoot a video of a full band recording session at my place. There are so many of us that want the best sounding recording possible, WITHOUT $100k worth recording gear. We just don’t have the budget.

There ARE however certain steps we can take to get us closer to that goal. Here’s how I tackle a full on session, with what I have.

“You Are” – written by Doug Butler

Drums- Aaron Badillo

Bass- Josias Badillo
Vocals- Doug Butler
BGVs- Doug Butler, Sean Hebert, Marc Hebert
Acoustic guitar- Doug Butler
Electric Guitars/Synths- Sean Hebert

Gear used:
Macbook Pro
RME Fireface UFX
Focusrite Octopre
Pro Tools 10
Plugins- Massey CT4 and CT5, NI RC24, Slate VCC, Ozone 4 and stock PT plugs

Snare Top-SM57
Snare Bottom-E604
Overheads-SM81’s (XY pattern)
Room Mic-AT4033
Acoustic-SM 81
Electrics-POD X3 Live DI (AC 30 Top Boost model)
Vocals-AT4033 (UFX onboard preamp)

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Sean Hebert at
TheGlobalGuitarist Audio Productions

Video work by Jacob Gardner – https://www.youtube.com/user/weirdestjacob


Prepping Your Tracks For A Mix Engineer

I’ve worked with several clients this year who had trouble sending me their sessions or their audio for me to mix. Most of the time the audio is a jumbled mess once imported into a session. The reason for this is a lack of time-alignment between tracks. Here’s a brief video of how to properly prepare and export your audio, to be sent off for mixing.