After nearly two years of planning and preparing, “The Global Guitarist -Audio Productions” is officially in business! Located in the Houston area, though not limited to this area, here is a rundown of services offered:


My recording services range from studio productions, such as albums and EPs to location recording of live shows, concerts, productions and most other situations calling for professional audio recording of an event. My rig is set up and designed to be completely mobile so as to accommodate the widest variety of recording situations. The following are examples of situations that I accommodate with ease:

  • Church productions, services and events
  • Concerts at local music venues, clubs, convention centers, ball rooms
  • High school/college orchestra performances and events
  • Solo artist/band albums and Eps as well as singles
Mixing and mastering as well as duplication of the project are factored into any agreement made between myself and the client.

Music Production

Many artists are solo and therefore do not have an accompanying band to record with. For these situations I offer my experience/skills in producing and recording separate instrumentation. I offer custom guitar, drums, bass, keys, synths and percussion for specific projects when needed and agreed upon. Some of my work in this arena can be heard on Jen Monroe’s latest work in the “Audio” section of this site.


I offer mixing and mastering of material that has been previously recorded at another location(such as another studio). I prefer files to be sent as .wav in 24bit/44.1khz format, however I can accommodate most file types and can convert them myself if necessary. They may be sent via CD, DVD, flash drive or file sharing via the web. Rates for mixing and mastering are agreed upon on a per-project bases.

Online Collaboration

I am always willing to work on different projects with just about anyone, anywhere via the web and file sharing. With technology today you no longer even need to record in the same country as other musicians working on the same project. I welcome any offers to work on collaborative projects!


Once again I would like to thank everyone that has followed and supported TheGlobalGuitarist since conception. This is truly a dream come true and there are many of you that aided me with the knowledge needed to do this as well as the mindset that I CAN do this, whether or not you realized you did anything. You are much appreciated.


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