Tracking With 2 Pairs Of Headphones

Sometimes the simplest ideas can render super useful results. If you ever have trouble with drums overpowering your headphone mix you might try this. Recently I had my brother (who happens to be a drummer) come in to lay down some drum tracks for some music he and I are working on. He happens to be one of those drummers who beat the living snot out of the drums like they owe him money.  Anyhow, he was having a bit of trouble in certain parts of the songs hearing the click loud and clear. I had his cans CRANKED and the the drums still were a bit overpowering. I played with the mix quite a bit, adjusting the click/backing tracks and still had some trouble. After a bit of pondering I reached into my “box of wonders” (just a shoe box with connectors, cable adapters and misc. studio crap) and pulled out some Sony workout ear buds. I had him put them on underneath the tracking headphones and BAM it gave him plenty of isolation from the drums to hear everything he needed to hear. So the audio is coming through the ear buds and the circum-aural cans are there for isolation. Give it a try if you run into this issue. It might make your life a bit easier.

What kind of simple fixes do you use every day that someone might not otherwise think of?


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