Stuck In A Rut? Change It Up!

The inspiration for today’s post comes to you curtesy of my good friend Freddy. We were discussing a new song that he sent me and the process he used to write it. He wanted to approach songwriting from a different angle and get out of the same chord structure he always finds himself playing. Though he’s not necessarilly a bassist, he picked up a bass and mapped out a bass line at the very beginning before he even had a melody in mind.  He found it to be a great way to open up his creative possibilities and the song is definitely different from anything he and I have collaborated on before. I’m liking it a lot! You can check out his site HERE and listen to some stuff he’s working on.

For those of you who are fellow guitarists, I am sure many of you will relate to this. When you pick up your guitar with the intent of writing something new, do you find yourself playing the same chord progressions, licks and phrases over and again? I know I do. Maybe it’s habit, or a subconscious thing we do out of comfort on the fret board… heck I don’t know. I just know I definitely get frustrated with this very issue. I especially deal with this in my soloing. I have to consciously keep myself from playing the same lick and note runs or I start repeating. It definitely helps to approach things from a foreign perspective from time to time. Sometimes I will sit down at the keys to work up new melodies or find new chords to play with. I recently acquired a bass so that will be making its way into my songwriting process from now on. Don’t be afraid to be unconventional. If you haven’t watched the video I posted of Gotye writing and recording his newest album, click THIS. He uses some of the most random and unusual ideas for turning sounds into music. There are no rules in writing music. Inspiration can come from a billion different places, and the most unique songs usually come from unexpected sources.

So what kind of processes do you use to find new inspiration? I want to hear from you guys. I am always looking for creative ideas to change things up in my studio. Cheers!


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