Artist Feature: MEW!

As I’ve said before I will at times feature certain artist that I feel are truely unique, original and unheard of. Today’s artist feature is all about a Danish group called Mew. First of all, you will never hear them on the radio. Im not sure how it’s possible that fantastic artists like this get zero radio play, but it’s the way it is. Often considered indie alternative, they have a very original sound. Jonas Bjerre has a voice like none other, reaching some notes most men can’t. His melodies are sweet sounding to the ear, sometimes unusual and always creative. From the mello heart melting “She Came Home For Christmas“, to the driving “Am I Wry? No“, to the dynamic “Introducing Palace Players“, they never cease to keep me fully engaged and captivated. They always have something different around the corner and listening never becomes boring or fatiguing. Their songs take you on a ride that will surprise you at the most unexpected moments. You might also check out “The Zookeeper’s Boy” and “Comforting Sounds“. While these tracks I’ve mentioned might be 5 of my favorite, there are so many more that I could list. Go find their albums on iTunes and get em! You will not be disappointed. Stay tuned for more on home recording, guitar and music production. Cheers!


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