Artist Of The Week

Massive AttackMassive Attack are a British DJ and trip hop duo from Bristol, England. (Wikipedia). This group has been around for quite a while guys. I cant say I have been a long time fan, as I just recently discovered them. However in a short amount of time I have become quite fond of many of their songs. From synth driven techno sounds, to pure rock, they have a very unique sound. One thing they consistently do is keep you involved in their songs. Rarely does a song become boring. New sounds are waiting around every corner that keep you engaged and eagar to listen. “Teardrop“, one of my favorite tracks is used as the theme song for the television series  “House”. It’s truly a beautiful song and features the vocals of Elizabeth Fraser of the band The Cocteau Twins. Another track that I am fond of is “Angel“. It has an ethereal rock feel to it that gets your blood pumping. I recommend you check out this group and the many other fantastic tracks they have put out. There are simply too many to list here. I hope you like them. Stay tuned for more music, tips, and helpful posts to get you closer to you musical goals. Cheers!



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